Texas Apostille

The Lone Star State

Issuing Authority

Secretary of State

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  1. Bullet Austin


  1. Bullet $15 per document

Payments can be maid by:

  1. -check (drawn on a U.S. bank)

  2. -money order

  3. -credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover)

Checks or money orders must be made payable to
the Secretary of State of Texas

Turnaround time

  1. Bullet> 10 days
    for mail orders

  2. Bulletover the counter
    for walk-in requests


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Last update: 8/23/2009

Acceptable document certifiers:

  1. Bullet Texas Notary Public

  2. Bullet Texas statewide officer

Examples of documents which can be apostilled in the State of Texas:

  1. Bullet Documents that have been notarized by a Texas Notary Public

  2. Bullet Certified copies of business organization documents on file with the Secretary of State, including:

  3. Bullet articles of incorporation

  4. Bullet certificates of limited partnership

  5. Bullet articles of organization

  6. Bullet certificates of merger

  7. Bullet assumed name certificates

  8. Bullet applications for registration of trademarks

  9. Bullet Additionally, certificates of existence or fact issued by the Secretary of State evidencing facts from the records of the office

  10. Bullet Certified copies of recordable documents issued by a Texas statewide officer, including:

  11. Bullet certified copies of birth/death certificates

  12. Bullet vehicle title histories, etc.

Documents issued by a county official including:

  1. Bullet certified copies of marriage licenses

  2. Bullet divorce decrees

  3. Bullet probated wills

  4. Bullet judgments

  5. Bullet birth/death certificates, etc.

Documents issued by a city or local registrar including:

  1. Bullet certified copies of birth/death certificates

How to obtain an apostille/certificate on a school transcript or diploma?

A school transcript or diploma may only be certified by the educational institution that issued the transcript or diploma. The certifying official for the institution must complete the certification before a Texas notary public. After obtaining the notarized certification, the document must be submitted to the Authentications Unit of the secretary of state.

Documents to be apostilled must be recently issued certified copies.

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