Michigan Apostille

The Wolverine State

Issuing Authority

Secretary of State

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  1. Bullet Lansing

  2. Bullet Clinton Twp (no mail)

  3. Bullet Detroit (walk-in)

  4. Bullet Flint (walk-in)

  5. Bullet Grand Rapids (walk-in)

  6. Bullet Livonia (walk-in)

  7. Bullet Marquette (walk-in)

  8. Bullet Pontiac (walk-in)


  1. Bullet $1 per document/apostille

Payments can be maid by:

  1. -check

  2. -money order

Checks or money orders must be made payable to the State of Michigan

Turnaround time

  1. Bullet1-2 weeks
    for mail orders

  2. Bulletover the counter
    for walk-in requests


Sample images: 1 - Michigan Apostille; 2 - Michigan Marriage Certificate

Acceptable document certifiers:

  1. Bullet Michigan county clerks and deputy clerks

  2. Bullet city clerks in the counties of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb

  3. Bullet Michigan State Registrar

  4. Bullet Director of Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Growth

  5. Bullet Michigan Notaries Public

Examples of documents which can be apostilled in the State of Michigan:

  1. Bullet Birth certificates

  2. Bullet Death certificates

  3. Bullet Marriage licenses

  4. Bullet Records of divorce

  5. Bullet School records

  6. Bullet Powers of attorney

  7. Bullet Papers for adoption purposes

  8. Bullet Certificates of non-marital status

  9. Bullet References and employment certification

  10. Bullet Patent applications

  11. Bullet Trademarks

  12. Bullet Deeds of assignment

  13. Bullet Distributorship agreements

  14. Bullet Bylaws

  15. Bullet Corporate documents

  16. Bullet Articles of incorporation

  17. Bullet Merger agreements

  18. Bullet Certificates of amendment

  19. Bullet Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Search Results

  20. Bullet Driving or Vehicle Records

  1. Bullet All signatures must be original, and all dates must follow in chronological order on all prior certifications.

  2. Bullet Notarized documents must include the signer’s original signature, the notary's original signature and printed name, commission expiration date, county of commission, the county the notarization took place in only if it is different from the county of commission, and date of notarization.

  3. Bullet Vital records must be certified copies.

  1. Bullet Recorded documents from Court Clerks, Judges or other states cannot be authenticated. Do not get copies from these officials.

  1. Bullet A Michigan notary public cannot make a "true copy" statement on copies of any records

  2. Bullet Only the person named on the document or the issuer of the document can certify to its authenticity.

  1. Bullet Only certified copies of birth, marriage, divorce, and death records by a Michigan County Clerk, City Registrar, or the Michigan State Registrar are eligible for apostille authentication

  2. Bullet Original vital records cannot be accepted for this purpose.

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