Iowa Apostille

The Hawkeye State

Issuing Authority

Secretary of State

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  1. Bullet Des Moines


$5 per apostille

Payments can be maid by:

  1. -check

  2. -money order

Checks or money orders must be made payable to the Secretary of State

Turnaround time

  1. Bulletunspecified
    for mail orders

  2. Bulletover the counter
    for walk-in requests


Sample images: 1 - Iowa Apostille

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About notarized photocopies of documents...

Copy certification is an act where the notary determines a photocopy is a full, true and accurate reproduction of an original, privately held document. The typical types of documents for copy certification are business documents, diplomas, passports, and copies of letters. The notary should supervise the photocopying of the document. notaries must avoid certifying copies of documents that are public records, such as birth/death certificates, court records and deeds.

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