Colorado Apostille

The Centennial State

Issuing Authority

Secretary of State

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  1. Bullet Denver


  1. Bullet$2 per apostille

  2. Bullet$15 per apostille, expedited over the counter service

Payments can be maid by:

  1. -check

  2. -money order

  3. -cash (over the counter only)

Checks or money orders must be made payable to the Colorado Secretary of State

Turnaround time

  1. Bullet2 business days
    for mail orders

  2. Bulletnext business day
    for service over the counter, if not expedited

  3. Bullet5 minutes
    for over the counter expedited service


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Acceptable document certifiers:

  1. BulletColorado public officials

  2. BulletColorado notaries public

Birth or death certificates can be obtained from the Vital Records Office of Colorado.

A marriage license, divorce decree or other court document can be obtained from the county in which it was issued.

A certified copy from Vital Records or the county MUST have a signature and  a seal. The person who certifies the document must have his or her signature on file with the Colorado State Elections Division.

To ensure prompt service and avoid rejection, please check:

  1. BulletIf a county certifies the document, is there a ‘live-ink” signature on the document (not stamped or photocopied)?

  2. BulletDoes the person who certified the document have his or her signature on file with the Elections Division?

  3. BulletIs there a seal (county, court or state) accompanying the signature?

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